22-24 OCTOBER 2021


Session Day 1: 22 Oct (Hybrid Online-Offline)

Session 1


(Taiwan Time)

Opening Ceremony

Opening Speeches:
1. Wen-Pin Lin, Wenzao Ursuline University
2. Frank Dhont, International Indonesia Forum / National Cheng Kung University
3. Godlif Sianipar, Universitas Katolik Santo Thomas (ONLINE)


Don Emmerson, Stanford University (ONLINE)

Globalization 2.0: Intermestic Indonesia

Session 2


(Taiwan Time)

Indonesian Culture and Society: Challenges and Solutions

  1. Antonious Diksa Kuntara, National Cheng Kung University

Self-sufficient concept of Soegija in 1940 for the Local Hierarchy – A new interpretation.

  1. Yi-Ju Yang, National University of Singapore

Perempuan Adalah Madrasa Pertama Untuk Anaknya- Social Media and Pious Women in Indonesia.

3.Egbert Wits, Newcastle University (ONLINE)

Creative Resilience: Exploring the Significant Role of Traditional Arts Practices in Magelang.

Session 3


(Taiwan Time)

Indonesia’s International Context: Past and Present

  1. Aude Favereau, Sébastien Plutniak, National Cheng Kung University, TRACES Laboratory & Centre Émile Durkheim

Archaeological evidence of cultural contact between mainland and island Southeast Asia by the end of prehistory, with a special focus on Borneo.

  1. Muhamad Iksan, National Cheng Kung University

Veto Players and Historical Institutionalism: the Asia Financial Crisis and Indonesia.

  1. Chin-Ming Lin, Tamkang University

Asian Drama Revisited: Whither Development in Southeast Asia?


Session Day 2: 23 Oct (Online)

Session 1


(Jakarta Time)

Religion, Customs and Laws in Indonesia

  1. Imron Rosidi, State Islamic University (UIN) Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau

Managing Conflict in Indonesian Madrasa: A Case Study of Hidayatul Mubtadiin in Riau Province, Indonesia.

  1. Maria Randazzom, David Price, Charles Darwin University

Constitutional pluralism in Indonesia Resolve and perseverance to preserve and maintain the complex fabric of the Indonesian constitutional system: Patterns of relationship among Civil law legal system, Adat, and Islamic legal orders.

  1. Godlif Sianipar, Universitas Katolik Santo Thomas

The Contribution of the Batak’s Social Capital for Interreligious Harmony Between Islam and Christians in Meda.

  1. Luthfi Widagdo Eddyono, Indonesian Constitutional Court

2020 Regional Head Election Dispute During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Session 2


(Jakarta Time)

Indonesian Resilience: Environment and Climate

  1. Hizkia Respatiadi, University of Otago

Explaining Indonesia’s Food Trade Policy: The Tension Between Free Trade and Self-sufficiency.

  1. Stanislaus Risadi Apresian, Leeds University/Parahyangan Catholic University

From Paris to Jakarta: Multi-level Governance and Power Relations in Climate Change Adaptation.

3.Lubendik, University of Eastern Finland

Politic of Forest Fire in Indonesia: from 1997 to 2020.

  1. Asmawita Fithri, Intan Qurratulaini, Syamsul Rijal, Ar-Raniry State Islamic University

The Strategy to Promote Halal Tourism in Aceh during Pandemic.

Session 3


(Jakarta Time)

Indonesian Knowledge from Literature

  1. Yolanda Stellarosa, Lestari Nurhajati, LSPR Communication and Business Institute

The Effectiveness of Digital Literacy in Building Situational Awareness Against the Infodemic in the Housewife Group in Jakarta.

  1. Abdul Muhaiminul Aziz, National Cheng Kung University

The Meaning of Happiness in Clara Ng’s Short Story “You Xi Sudah Menunggu”: An Ethnosemantic and Reader-Response Analysis.

  1. Lestari Windiawati, University of Indonesia

Sustainable Agriculture Through Public Private Partnership: A Literature Studies.

Session 4


(Jakarta Time)

Politics of Power and Indonesia

  1. Adam Tyson, Nawawi, University of Leeds, Indonesian Institute of Sciences

Suharto’s Legacy in Indonesia.

  1. Christopher Hulshof, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Extending a Shadow: U.S. Efforts to Expand its Sphere of Influence through the Indonesian Archipelago.

  1. Tri Sulistianing Astuti, School of Government and Public Policy Indonesia

The Applicable Model of Election for Concurrent General Elections in New-Normal Society.